functional fidelity

Resisting the Urge to Identify

identity is overprescribed

virtualenvwrapper wrapper

support multiple python versions

Arch Linux python paths

isolation, debian-style

Marcus Aurelius at the Start of the Day

interference isn't intentional

2012: State of Deception

Reality at the State of the Union

Obama Deserves No Credit for Iraq Withdrawal

Busily taking credit for an outcome he didn't intend, President Obama skillfully neglects to mention the inconvenient truth behind the U.S. troop withdrawal. Continue

Freedom from Monopolies

Jefferson and Madison spoke out against the power of large corporations, but lost the fight for including a 'freedom from monopolies' in the Bill of Rights. Continue

Remembering to Forget

The very act ov recalling a memory alters the memory itself, causing it to change and fade slightly with each recollection. Continue

The Laughing Heart (Bukowski)

your life is your life. don’t let it be clubbed into dank submission. Continue

2011 Rite of Passage Award

But some people just grow more twisted with each blow. They partially assume the shape of their disasters. They get faces with "Character." They become the "Wild Ones" in their community of friends ... Continue